Preset Lineup Report
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COMPTON CUBS                    Preset Lineup Report                
    VS Lefties    Pos Bat      VS Righties   Pos Bat      Rotation      Thr Fat
 1- B. NIEHOFF     2b  R    1- D. JONES       LF  L       D. TAYLOR      R   8
 2- E. ROMERO      3b  R    2- R. BURLESON    SS  R       D. Martinez    R   9
 3- T. COBB        CF  L    3- E. HENDRICKS    C  L       D. Gooden      R   7
 4- C. Fielder     1b  R    4- T. COBB        CF  L       R. CLEVELAND   R   6
 5- A. ETCHEBARRE   C  R    5- C. Fielder     1b  R       J. BURTON      L   2
 6- R. BURLESON    SS  R    6- A. ETCHEBARRE  3b  R   
 7- H. LOPEZ       LF  R    7- B. NIEHOFF     2b  R   
 8- B. BYRNE       RF  R    8- B. BYRNE       RF  R   
 9-                            9-                           

    Bench             Bat      Bench             Bat      Bull Pen      Thr Fat
    A. FERRARA         R       E. ROMERO          R       B. SACEMANO    L   9
    J. KENNEDY         R       A. FERRARA         R       J. Mecir       R   2
    D. JONES           L       J. KENNEDY         R       D. BOSWELL     R   2
    B. KILLEFER        R       H. LOPEZ           R       B. Pennington  L   1
    R. FAIRLY          L       B. KILLEFER        R       M. Stanton     L   4
    R. PETROCELLI      R       R. FAIRLY          L   
    E. HENDRICKS       L       R. PETROCELLI      R   
    Reserves          Pos      Reserves          Pos      Reserves          Pos
    P. CAVET           P       W. Whitehurst      P       A. Benes           P
    B. HALE           1b       D. BANCROFT       SS       L. Sojo           2b

Lineups vs. Left Handed Pitching...

1- NIEHOFF   2b                                                               
2- KILLEFER   C                                                               
3- COBB      CF                                                               
4- Fielder   1b                                                               
5- FAIRLY    RF                                                               
6- PETROCELL 3b                                                               
7- BURLESON  SS                                                               
8- LOPEZ     LF                                                               

   Weight= 10     

Lineups vs. Right Handed Pitching...

1- JONES     LF                                                               
2- HENDRICKS  C                                                               
3- FAIRLY    RF                                                               
4- COBB      CF                                                               
5- Fielder   1b                                                               
6- BURLESON  SS                                                               
7- PETROCELL 3b                                                               
8- NIEHOFF   2b                                                               

   Weight= 10     
Manager Tendencies: 
  -  Never chooses speed over power in a lineup.
  -  Never chooses defense over offense in a lineup.
  -  Never chooses a pitchers endurance over his ERA.
  -  Never chooses stayd with the starting pitcher when in troble.
  -  Never chooses leaves the pitcher to bat.
  -  Never chooses pitching around opposing hitters.
  -  Never chooses bunting in key situtations.
  -  Never chooses a squeeze bunt over hitting away
  -  Never chooses using the hit & run over hitting away.
  -  Never chooses the intentional walk.
  -  Never chooses playing the infield in over normal depth.
  -  Never chooses calling a pitch out in key situations.
  -  Never chooses aggressive running on the base paths.
  -  Never chooses steal 2nd.
  -  Never chooses steal 3rd.
  -  Uses 5th starter take a regular turn
  -  Computer allowed to adjust lineups
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